About Psion Insights

At Psion Insights we help you create operational excellence, maximise optimisation, build strong resilience while reducing cost and using resources efficiently and effectively.

What we do


Our Vision

Psion Insights will be the leading global provider for cutting edge technology that enables excellence in execution, optimisation and resilience.

Our Mission

Psion Insights will drive business excellence for operations, risk, issues and incident management with products that:

  • Reduce manual work to release higher value
  • Discover & amplify hidden or weak data signals for total business optimisation
  • Maximise operational intelligence that results in predictive insights
  • Deliver targeted monitoring for faster response & decisive action
  • Drive smarter operational leadership & management
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What we believe

Business is complex

Multiple factors create risk, issues and incidents. Human behaviour, external events, data and technology must work in perfect harmony to enable operational excellence.

Prediction is hard

When you review operational factors, data signals are not collected, can be weak or not connected. Sparse data reduces a businesses ability to predict performance or enable optimisation accurately.

Management is reactive

A business faces multiple challenges, but it does not see the signs and actions come too late to minimise impacts. Managers fight fires rather than stopping threats and building robust resilience.

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Psion Insights can help improve your decisions and enable smarter management so you outperform the market.