Psion Advisor

A risk advisor in every pocket

Mobile Activity Hub

The mobile activity hub provides front line teams the information needed to manage smarter on the move, report faster and get critical advice when they need it.

The activity feed enables them to:

  • Create, review and update their tasks
  • Read and respond to the latest information on operations, risk, issues and incidents that matter to them
  • Receive and act on automated advice from Psion Advisor
  • Chat with Psion Advisor and complete complex tasks using simple conversations

Psion Advisor is a virtual assistant powered by AI and cutting edge technology.

Put an operational advisor in every team members pocket.

Report Issues & Incidents Fast

Reporting an incident is as quick as having a conversation with a friend.

Using Natural Language Processing and process automation we hide complexity by using common digital channels.

With Psion Advisor you can:

  • Report an incident quickly
  • Attach images and videos
  • Create notes that are automatically added to Psion Core's draft record
  • Jumpstart reporting & remediation as soon as possible.

No need to wait to get back to the office.  Manage incidents smarter.

Smart Advice Any Where

When you use Psion Advisor you get simple to use , access anywhere application that is powered by cutting edge technology.

Often when teams are out of the office they are asked about their work but to give the update that is needed takes time.  With Psion Advisor it is easy as having a chat with another member of the team.

When you use Psion Advisor you can:

  • Be connected automatically with experts that have experience of the issue or incident you are managing
  • Get started on the background research you need while you manage the situation on site
  • Access skills that cut down on manual work such as categorising issues and incidents dynamically or creating a draft record in the database
  • Alert the people who need to need to know without you having to find them first

Your environment is dynamic, you need to get insights and advice quickly so you can act decisively.  Psion Advisor helps works in the background to let you focus on higher value activities.

Why choose Psion Advisor?

Ai Powered Chat-1

AI-Powered Conversations

AI-powered conversations can be made through common chat channels using Natural Language Processing.

Using this approach, Psion Advisor can better understand the intent of the person managing risk and provide a more natural, near-human level of communication.

Accessing complex skills through common chat drives adoption and increases usability across all employees.

Less Work & Smarter Action

Routine tasks can be automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Integrating Psion Advisor with RPA allows it to take intelligent action and provide critical decision support.

Psion Advisor's intelligent automation enables operations teams to focus on higher-value activities as it manages repetitive actions automatically.

Automation Blue-1
Front Line People

Front Line First

Most operational tools are built for the expert in the office.  Psion Advisor is focused on providing the right information to those who need it when and where they need it.

Putting an operational advisor into every pocket means management can identify activities, risk, issues and incidents before they become a major problem.

Psion Advisor is designed for the front line, close to the action and not just an addon for a desktop system.

Advisor Not a Librarian

When out of the office dealing with a situation that is dynamic and needs a quick response employees are not looking for just information.

Psion Advisor takes the manual work out of finding the experts that are needed.  When an incident is reported Psion Advisor will identify the closest expert to the employee and give them the option to connect.

When the issue and incident is reported AI can review similar situations, examine related responses and advise on potential actions that can be taken.

Best practice does not need to be static but is shared and developed through smarter management augmented by cutting edge technology.


Is Your Front Line Getting the Support & Advice They Need?

Psion Advisor gives your front line the help they need when they need it.