Psion Core

An integrated operational management solution to manage, collaborate, assess and  monitor risk, controls, issues and incidents.

Psion DB - Incident Overview May 2020
Psion Op Core Factors

Complete Operational Awareness

Psion Core allows a business to understand its operations in multiple dimensions.  We achieve this by connecting and assessing the performance of:

  • Teams
  • People
  • Products
  • Process
  • Technology

We combine the operating environment with execution factors such as:

  • Risk
  • Controls
  • Issues
  • Incidents

Connecting, assessing and monitoring the total business environment creates deep understanding of what drives performance.

Teams and leadership can now make effective decisions to excel in execution, maximise optimisation and build robust resilience.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing time to solve problems
  • Increase performance metrics
  • Operational teams increasing higher-value work
  • Cost-effective delivery 
  • Faster innovation






Total Information & Activity Hub

The information and activity hub provides teams the information needed to make critical decisions and take decisive action.

The information provided is automatically prioritised to ensure the manager sees what is important and enables them to take multiple actions:

  • Capture notes that reveal insights as they happen
  • Add files manually and through automated research
  • Create or receive Task recommendations
  • Send and integrate with email easily 
  • Add easy to understand tags to help knowledge mapping and search

All activities are recorded into a comprehensive timeline connected to all related records.  After action reviews or learning from historical action becomes easy and best practice can be automatically identified.

Dynamic Operational Assessment

Psion Core allows a business understood the impact of risk, issues and incidents on operational performance in multiple dimensions.

The assessment of impacts justifies to regulators why operations  are within risk appetite or how management is managing and improving operational performance.

Dynamically updating operational assessments as the threat or operating environment changes provides management and leadership a trusted view of the past, now and the future.

Why choose Psion Core?

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Predictive Insight

Discover hidden patterns and predict events to improve performance, eliminate problems and create opportunities.

Psion Core learns how your organisation works then finds and amplifies weak and hidden signals to provide predictive insight. This insight allows for pre-emptive action before the situation becomes critical and drives successful performance.

The breaking down of information silos enables the generation of new insights. As Psion Core uses cutting edge technology, it learns to recognise anomalies in performance to offer advice create enhancement opportunities.


Routine tasks can be automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Integrating Psion Core with RPA allows it to take intelligent action and provide critical decision support.

Psion Core intelligent automation enables managers to focus on higher-value activities as it turns manual work into automated solutions.

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Unified Management View

Historically operations, risk, issue, and incident management applications rarely connect, analyse, or correlate all data. Without combining and analysing all sources of information, teams miss critical opportunities to optimise and build resilience.

Creating a unified view of all information and actions and connecting it to people, process, products, and technology creates a deep understanding of operations. As managers reach real knowledge of execution, their teams can maximise optimisation faster and enable cost reduction.

Action Advice

Organisations often find operations, risk, issue and incident data dispersed throughout the organisation. Information sitting in silos, isolated and unshared, results in managers taking action without understanding the complete picture.

Psion Core uses deep technology to surface new information and shares this automatically with relevant teams and individuals.  Actively providing teams and leadership suggested actions helps them move to dynamic, informed and decisive execution.


Issues and Incidents Reported Slowly?

Psion Operations Core connects the right data, analysis and advice to empower people, reduce delays and improve performance.