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We are neural alchemists mixed with some cutting edge soothsayer.

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Jason Wells

Chief Executive Officer
Expert in solving the biggest problems in complex matrix organisations operating on a global scale or accelerating success in dynamic fast paced environments.
Qualified in Financial Crime, Cyber Security, Programme management, Organisational Development, Operational Risk and Digital Marketing.
Mixing the best of the military with the best of the private sector.
Felix Loetama

Felix Loetama

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Felix is responsible for Psion Insights technical architecture and strategy.

Extensive software product development and delivery experience, with concentration in Agile Web and object orientated programming.

How we work

Our people

Psion Insights people come from diverse backgrounds and expertise to deliver you innovative and effective solutions.  Our people are passionate about what they do and leverage their skills to design and build products that amaze.


Our values

Our values ensure that our people have a unified approach to what we do and deliver.  They drive our culture and define what you can expect when working with our team.

Lead by example – Every person sets high standards and has high expectations.   At all levels, we deliver leadership and execution that results in cutting edge products.

Integrity – Our people are driven by a culture that means we do the right thing, whatever the challenges to ensure we exceed customer expectations.

Innovative – A fear of failure and the unknown does not hamper our problem-solving ability.  Through diverse individual skills, knowledge and experience, Psion Insights delivers products that fulfil our vision of being a global technology leader.

Decisive – Our people take ownership of what they do.  We want to ensure that our people are proud of what they achieve as an individual and as a team.

Adaptable – We respond to the most dynamic of environments and opportunities.  Our people adapt to provide you with products that create a continual advantage.

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